Things I Cried About Whilst Pregnant

I am not a crier.  I do a lot of emotions, but they don’t often get so far as coming out of my eyes in liquid form. However, when pregnant I seemed to cry at the drop of a hat.  I thought it might be amusing to compile a list of the things that have made my face leak over the last 9 months… 


  • I remembered I was going to see Les Mis in the West End
  • The lonely Shetland on the Amazon advert
  • My cat wouldn’t get out of its carrier
  • Tyrone proposed to Fiz on Corrie
  • My takeaway arrived late
  • Someone swore near me unnecessarily
  • I remembered I will die one day
  • There was a really nice song on the radio
  • The line ‘what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay’ from Pink’s ‘Dear Mr President’
  • I couldn’t get my compression socks off
  • I imagined our daughter falling asleep on my husband’s chest
  • When we first got back to England I thought I saw one of the cats (who were still in Dubai) then realised it wasn’t him
  • My husband got a new shirt that looked really smart

I am positive there were plenty more ridiculous reasons, but they have been forgotten thanks to the other pregnancy side-effect: having a brain like a bag of soggy spinach. 


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